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RichInputListOfValues - accept unlisted values and update model

Source: GitHub

Business requirements can be strange and demanding at times. They would make you look deeper into the framework and try to find out mechanisms to bypass usual behaviour.
I recently worked on a requirement where the customer was in love with Input-List-Of-Values component and wanted to know if I could stretch it further. Here's what he wanted:
1. Allow the Input-List-Of-Values to accept values which were not in the list. 2. On entering such a value, fire a validation which would show a warning message that the value is not in the list. 3. From the developer's stand-point, we also wanted to update the model then and there, as we were using the current row's attributes for some other logic processing. Of course, this third point was our concern, not the customer's.
So let's see how to go ahead with this. I have an application which displays one row of a transient view object. The "FirstNameAttr" attribute of this view has one…