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Custom (user-defined) GUI components in ADF

Source: 1) CustomComponent , 2) CustomComponentApp
A very less-used, yet powerful, feature of Oracle ADF is its ability to allow users to create custom (declarative) UI components. The steps to create such a re-usable component is a bit elaborate and clumsy, but the fruit of the hard-work is quite sweet!

This is going to be quite a large blog. So I will break this into 2 sections. However, just to get your attention, this is what we intend to achieve in the end:

Section 1 - Define the component Create an ADF application, with the default ViewController and Model projects. I have renamed ViewController to DeclarativeComponent in my case, and have removed the Model project. An alternate starting point would be to create an empty Java application and add a project, but I chose this path so as to ensure that all the required libraries get included automatically and save me the hard work!
Once the application structure is created, right click on the project and create a ne…