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SPA with JDeveloper and WebLogic

Source: GitHub

This article steps out the key requirements of deploying a single-page-application on WebLogic server. Essentially, there are just three important gotchas in this process, which I will lay out in detail.

The SPA, in this use-case, is an Angular 8 application. I have put the source code as part of the JDev application.

I have customised the build process of the Angular application to generate the artifacts inside the public_html folder of the RESTWebService project. You may go with the usual build directory and then manually copy the generated files into the public_html folder.

Gotcha # 1:
The SPA should be built with the html file having a base-href property same as the context-root of the JDev application.

Gotcha # 2:
If you are using routing in your Angular application (you will obviously), then you will usually keep a component to display in case there is no route match (the wildcard ** path). In this case, the Angular routing handles the 404 page-not…