Send mail using gmail from Oracle ADF

Source: GitHub

This article talks about using Google services (Gmail) to send email from an ADF application. I doubt that there would be a real-world use-case for this, but nonetheless, the email integration would be the major takeaway from this blog.

This does not use any ADF related package. Any Java application is good enough for this.

To start with, I have an ADF application, with just the ViewController project. I don't need any Model support for my sample project. The UI captures the required details.

ADF Email UI
Email UI

However, before you start sending emails from your Google account, you need to allow "less secure apps" to access your Google account. Now this is not recommended, but try it out for once. Visit, scroll down till the end and set "Allow less secure apps: ON".

Allow less secure apps for Google
Allow less secure apps from your Google settings

The emailing will be taken care of by javax.mail package. Let us break up the activities into the following sections:

System properties for GMail
Set system properties for GMail

Authentication provider for GMail
Set authentication provider

Read from, to and subject Strings from UI

Note: multiple recipients (to, cc and bcc) can be separated by COMMA.

Set email content body

Set email attachment

Send your email

Your sender GMail account will have this email in Sent Items.